Woodworking Flat Drill Bit

Woodworking Flat Drill Bit


  • Type: Woodworking Drill
  • Full Length: 150 mm
  • Weight: 250 g
  • Size: 130 x 220 x 20 mm
  • Material: High Carbon Steel
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Spade drill bit set (6-piece) constructed from carbon steel with fully heat-treated for durability, the head with the polished surface is made to ensure longevity, durability and high wear resistance. Cutting edge with the double side cutting spurs of high quality for grabbing wood strongly and quick drilling effortless, The flat paddle design features a sharp cutting edge, ensures the hole smooth clean.

Made of high carbon steel with heat processing, super hardness, rust prevention and longevity, it can jab into your woods effortlessly. Flat drill design, with double side cutting edge and long hex shank handle, make sure these drill bits offer expert drilling for large holes on wood with a flat head and strong centre point. Also, it can reach a hard area for special using.

These paddle drill bits used for cutting of plywood, hard and softwoods, fibreglass, PVC and some other soft material. Also, it can suitable for bench drill, DC, AC electric hand drill, electric hammer, etc.

  • The cutter head is made of high-quality high-carbon steel, and the hardness reaches HRC55-HRC60 after heat treatment.
  • Different from other woodworking drills, the head of the product is specially designed with two cutting edges added to the two edges for precise positioning and labour-saving cutting.
  • The product is easy to use and can be used on bench drills, DC and AC hand drills.



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