Welding Machine Accessories

Welding Machine Accessories


Application: Welding Equipment
Colour: Yellow
Material: Metal, Plastic, Copper, Glass
Fit For: WP-17/18/26 Series
Type: Welding Accessories
Applicable Scope: TIG
Tungsten Needle Clip: 1.0, 1.6, 2.4, 3.2

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Electrode clip for the copper material, a very small amount of impurities, especially phosphorus, arsenic, aluminium, etc., will greatly reduce the copper conductivity. Assembling is easy, you only need to push the transparent shield cup, so that it is firmly and seamlessly installed. This produce provides welders with extraordinary visibility and comfortable feeling during the welding job. It is specially designed to help to weld precision and a tiny job where it requires to see the location very clearly. Helps to make uniform gas flow for welding which can help welding quality to high. Also, it can also help to save at least 30% gas comparing to common ceramic shield cup. It also can help you save a lot of money by choosing our transparent shield cup. On one hand, you do not need to spend lots of money to buy other corresponding parts such as collet or collet body, etc. On another hand, it has longevity than other ceramic type shield cup because there is no too much touch with heat. Very easy to assemble. You just need to push the transparent shield cup and make it installed firmly and seamlessly.

Package Included: 5 x glass cup, 4 x CKTAS116GS collet, 4 x CK3HSGS collet body, 1 x PTFE gasket, 1 x brass connector,n3 x seal ring


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