Welding Helmet For Plasma Cutting (Green)

Welding Helmet For Plasma Cutting (Green)


  • Weight: 221 g
  • Colour: Dark Green, Black
  • Mask Structure: Half Mask Structure
  • Material: Germany PC Visor Piece, ABS Headband
  • Size: 33 x 20 x 20 cm


Easy-to-set, ratcheting headgear assures comfortable, secure fit, welding shield Highly adjustable headgear tilts visor nearer or farther from face depending on preference and application. Super lightweight design, plasma cutter face shield only half the weight of similar products. Anti-arc radiation, arc including infrared, ultraviolet, visible light, block 99% of the radiation.

Welding machine using high molecular polymers, the molecular structure of polycarbonate does not change under high-temperature conditions. The shading level at 8, suitable lower brightness of welding and gas shielded welding.

Comfort structure: 3 mm high-density foam covered backhead, 5 mm thick sponge to protect the forehead. Sponge with holes have sweat absorption function and increase comfort. Ultra-wide field of view can observe the surrounding working environment and effectively protect the eyes facial skin, protects against falling or flying objects, impacts, chemical splashes and airborne debris.


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