Water Pipe Universal Wrench

Water Pipe Universal Wrench


  • Type: Adjusting Wrench
  • Wrench Shape: Double-Ended Wrench
  • Material: 45# Steel
  • System: Metric
  • Size: 29.3 x 4.8 cm
  • Surface Treatment: Polished Chrome Plating


The magic wrench is an original Korean made multi-purpose self- adjust double heads ratcheting all in one wrench, that automatically adapt for tightening and loosening objects in a numerous range of sizes and shapes with ratchet feature that allow a quick repeatedly clamps & releases done using one hand with better grip, it comes with a plastic pouch for better protection and easy carrying and storage.

If you’ve ever had to waste time searching for the right tool for the job then you know how frustrating make it be with a magic wrench you can easily remove any nut or bolt in just seconds without the need for any other tool big bolt small bolt, brass bolts rusted bolts stripped bolts and even pipe fitting the magic wrench can remove them all.

With the wrong tool, you can easily damage the nut or bolt the teeth of the magic wrench are engineered to give it a pitbull like a breed it grabs and doesn’t let go, the magic wrench grab so well you can even remove nuts or bolts that have been completely stripped that other tools can’t remove.

The magic wrench is a must-have for every tool kit no more searching around for the right tool no more wasted time. No more hassles with a magic wrench you no longer to haul all your tools around in your car or truck you can simplify with just one magic wrench, the magic wrench is no cheap disposable gadget, the magic wrench is a tough contractor great tool you can count on for all your tough jobs.


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