Small Clamp Vise

Small Clamp Vise


  • Material: Tool Steel
  • Handle Material: Metal
  • Size: A, B – 55 x 25 x 50 mm; C, D, E – 105 x 61 mm
  • Specifications: Length 130 mm, width 61 mm, height 35 mm
  • Jaw Opening: A, B ≤ 30 mm; C, D, E ≤ 53 mm
  • Colour: Black, Orange, Yellow, Blue


Handheld use, compact and handy, used for object polishing and drilling. It can be used to fix olive, walnut, Bodhi and other small objects. It is suitable for plane pattern, text, fine carving and hollow carving. It is also suitable for auxiliary fixation of large chisel cutting and polishing engraving machine. It is not afraid to hurt fingers.

Support range: 0 – 5.5 cm, supporting round, square and irregular objects. Suitable for fixed small parts, jewellery, watches, hobbies, model making, electronics, home and workbench and many other applications.

This small drill press vice clamp is also great for hobbyist and crafters alike. Hold small parts and models for fixing, such as olives, walnuts, Bodhi and other small items, good fixed effects.


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