Silicone Face Mask With Replaceable Filter

Silicone Face Mask With Replaceable Filter


  • Material: Silicone
  • Size: 129 x 104 x 50 mm
  • Colour: Black, White, Gray
  • Breathing Valve Device: No
  • Replaceable Filter Material: Replaceable Filter Element
  • Cover Material: PPS Silicone
  • Range Of Use: Dust Protection And Warmth


The design mask of separating the oral cavity and the nasal cavity forms two fresh air ventilation channels, which can effectively prevent the breath of the oral cavity from containing all kinds of peculiar smell. The gas of the bacteria is inhaled by the nasal cavity again, and the air circulation speed is faster, and the breath is more convenient.

  • Separation double circulation
  • Rejection of cross-infection
  • Reject odours
  • Efficient breathing

Protective silicone mask 360-degree non-dead angle IP67, the three-dimensional design fits the face. after more than 200 times of optimization design, fits face curve, rejects air side leakage, airtight and haze proof.

Use of the general recommendations 1 – 2 week cleaning time, wash with water, disinfect with uitravioie1, alcohol and water. You can use this silicone mask for up to 2 years.

Add the original solution of traditional international medicine, effective sterilization, antibacterial, aldehyde benzene and odour removal. Contains herbal artemisia allergy, alfalfa and other herbal extracts.


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