Set Water Gun For Car Wash And Garden Watering

Set Water Gun For Car Wash And Garden Watering


  • Type: Garden Water Guns
  • Garden Water Gun Type: Nozzles
  • Material: Plastic ABS
  • Feature: Variable Flow Controls, Variable Spray Patterns, Soft Grip
  • Water Pipe: Flexible
  • Pattern: 6 Spray Modes
  • Colour: Gray
  • Usage: For Car Washing, Garden Watering
  • Gun Size: 33 x 17.5 x 4.8 cm


High-quality materials: multi-layer latex tube and high-density outer layer. It doesn’t curl, twist, knot and leak, and it’s light enough to work easily in the garden. This expandable garden hose is easy to handle, lightweight, easy to carry, move and store, saving space.

Multi-purpose: watering all plants, car wash, lawn irrigation, yard cleaning, pet showers, etc.

Telescopic hose: When the water pressure is turned on, the garden hose will swell. When closed, the garden hose retracts to its original length. Garden hoses are not easy to absorb dust, and with this length, you can easily use this garden hose anywhere in the yard.

High-pressure water gun: 6 medium spraying mode, to meet the needs of the car wash, watering flowers, pet rain, garden cleaning, toilet cleaning, etc.

Ergonomics: more ergonomic, the comfortable grip makes you not tired.


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