Quick-Change Shank Twist Drill Set 5 Pcs

Quick-Change Shank Twist Drill Set 5 Pcs


  • High-Quality Steel
  • The Drill Bit Is Made Of High-Quality High-Speed Steel
  • The Black Drill Body Is Made Of Carbon Steel
  • Precision Equipment Processing And Forging
  • Universal Hexagon Handle
  • This Twist Drill Is 6.35 mm Hexagonal Shank, Clamping And Tightening Without Slipping


High-performance steel material, steel screwdriver bit set has good toughness and hardness, lightweight and durable for daily use. Made of 4241 high-speed steel and is forged with titanium. It is heat-treated by high-temperature quenching, long service life and convenient use.

Twist drill design hexagon handle bit increases the cutting speed with self-centring and prevents slipping off, easier to use. Easy to install for the screwdriver set head, gently lift the head of the screwdriver, then put suitable screwdriver bit into screwdriver head.


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