Protective Transparent Face Screen With Hairband

Protective Transparent Face Screen With Hairband


  • Product Category: Empty Top Hat
  • Material: PC
  • Size: One Size
  • Colours: Red, Rose Red, Purple, Black, Navy Blue, Coffee





Durable, lightweight, and comfortable premium protective face shields that are made with ultra-clear thick plastic. Each shield contains an elastic headband and a soft, comfortable forehead foam pad. The shields have enough space between the face to accommodate the use of masks, eyeglasses, and hats. One size fits all.

Safety full-length face shield with a flexible wrap-around design that provides over-the-forehead, side, and front face protection. The shields have 180 degrees of protection and provide full coverage of the eyes, nose, and mouth to help prevent droplets of saliva, coughs, sneezes, and other foreign substances from reaching your face.

Ultra-clear and anti-fogging: Face shields provide super clear visibility and have superior optics that let in the maximum amount of light, while the anti-fogging material resists fog under extended use. The shield is crystal clear, after peeling off both layers of the protective film. Reusable after disinfecting.

Essential personal protective face shields are worn all over the world in most common workplace environments. They are used by hair salons and spa professionals, restaurant, food services, retailers, warehouses, offices, schools, both Indoors and outdoors.


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