Portable Electric Mini Chainsaw Cordless

Portable Electric Mini Chainsaw Cordless


  • Model: Pruning Saw
  • Power Type: AC Power
  • Rated Voltage: 220 V
  • Rated Input Power: 1280 W
  • No-load Speed: 2800 rpm
  • Full Length: 330 mm
  • Standard Accessories: Saw Blade
  • Blade Length: 100 mm
  • Guide Plate Length: 40 mm
  • Chain Tooth Pitch: Saw Chain Material


Just install in a few steps: 1. Install the chain into the guide plate, then install them to chainsaw body. 2. Install the side cover and tighten the nut. 3. Use the wrench in the package to turn the screw to adjust the tightness. Just need 1 minute for all Install.

The electric saw is equipped with 17AM-D series current temperature thermal protector. Long-term continuous work may trigger overheated motor protection. Please wait for the motor temperature to drop before continuing to use it to protect the service life of the chainsaw. When the motor temperature reaches 110 ± 5 ℃ (213.8 ± 41 ℉), the motor switch will automatically disconnect and stop working. When the temperature cools to 70 ± 15 ℃ (158 ± 59 ℉), the motor will recover.

Laecabv battery power chain saws take about 10 seconds to cut a log with a diameter of 15 cm (the specific value varies with the actual size and hardness of the wood). This electric saw is very suitable for wood cutting, trees branches pruning, gardening.

This Lito cordless hand chain saw adopt high-quality guide chain which has undergone a deep quenching process ensures smooth cutting. The wood tooth design can make the chain saw stuck on the branch, cutting efficiency is higher and faster.

The integrated guide plate dissipates heat quickly and is very resistant to falling and abrasion. With non-slip handle design, the grip is very comfortable. The chain saw switch can adjust the speed according to the strength, and you can adjust the cutting speed you need according to the operating conditions.


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