Nylon Clips Grip For Woodwork 10 Pcs

Nylon Clips Grip For Woodwork 10 Pcs


  • Shape: Pointed Mouth
  • Applicable Objects: Pipes, Cables, clamps
  • Material: Plastic
  • Colour: Black
  • Handle Material: Plastic
  • Scope Of Application: Woodworking Clamp
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These spring clamps are made out of fibre-reinforced nylon for strength, stiffness, and affordable price. They are both heavy-duty and lightweight, making them very easy to work with and sturdy enough to get the job done.

Lightweight plastic jaws deliver comfortable yet durable use, and the soft, pivoting jaw pads easily hold irregular-shaped objects and protect workpieces. These 4-inch clamps can open 6.3 cm wide, which fit onto most standard sized stands.

The slip-resistant ergonomic handle is designed for a comfortable grip, working well on both flat and odd-shaped workpieces. The multi-purpose spring clamp can be used in a variety of occasions, such as small arts, craft projects, securing paper canvases for painting, woodworking, etc. They also work perfectly on muslin, paper, and even canvas backdrops.


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