Lightweight Adjustable Wrench AN3 – AN12

Lightweight Adjustable Wrench AN3 – AN12


  • Material: T6061 Aluminum
  • Colour: Red, White, Blue, Black
  • Size: 17 x 6.5 cm
  • Weight: 195 g


Adjustable wrench spanner is made of lightweight aluminium alloy material for strong strength and good durability. The shape of the wrench jaws is hexagonal, which is more helpful for protecting the fittings. Adjustable wrench fit for AN3, AN4, AN6, AN8, AN10, AN12, AN14, AN16.

Applications: AN3 – AN16 hose connector adjustable wrench spanner is generally used for automobile inspection, maintenance replacement of parts and pipes, etc and other uses. The adjustment knob edge is very sharp. Please be careful, wear gloves when using it to avoid cutting your finger. Wrap the wrench jaws with tape to better protect the joints and wrenches.


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