Laser Welding Machine Foot Switch

Laser Welding Machine Foot Switch


  • Foot Control Pedal For Plasma Cutter
  • Welder And Plasma Cutter Accessory
  • The Metal Body
  • Upper And Lower Rubber
  • Cable 2 m
  • With A Full Set Of 2-Pin Connectors


It works when you keep holding the switch with your foot, release to turn off. Plug the attached 3-prong power cord into a grounded outlet and plug the machine or tool into the 3-prong receptacle on the back of the plug.

The footswitch allows you to operate the tool manually without having to free a hand to hunt for your off switch, saving time in finding the switch and improving work efficiency. Tap with your feet when you need to stop the tool. Improve safety and prevent injuries in an emergency.

With a rugged outer casing and textured pedal anti-slip design for long life, more efficient operation and high reliability. The switch base is equipped with a non-slip mat to help prevent slippage during operation, providing optimum comfort and sensitive switch activation.

High quality: 5-foot length power cord with 3 prong plugs can be used anywhere, 18 AWG wire 165 °F high temperature, safer and more reliable. UL certification. Adopt basic type micro switch, 1/2 HP load capacity and service life of 100,000 times.

No variable speed control, but is compatible with variable speed equipment. A switch allows hands-free operation when using a router, sander, drill press, a wood lathe, scroll saw, wood carving tool, power tool or lighting or any household appliances.


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