Heavy Duty Metal Gripper

Heavy Duty Metal Gripper


  • Material: One-Piece Forged Force Arm, High-Quality Rubber Grip
  • Size: 190 x 125 x 90 mm
  • Opening Degree: < 25 mm
  • Bearing Weight: 50 kg
  • Colour: Black, Gray
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The new design concept, while focusing on aesthetics, greatly improves the load capacity of the metal gripper. The internal frosted design greatly increases friction and safety. With the plywood sheetrock panel carrier tool, you can easily lift and carry panel goods (plywood thickness 2 – 25 mm), saving time and effort.

The handle is made of durable anti-ageing and anti-impact rubber, which can be better suitable for the outdoor working environment. The handle arm and clamp are machined from aerospace-grade aluminium, this material reduces the weight of the product, improves work efficiency, and makes the product longer life.

With this convenient sheet and panel mover, you don’t have to carry drywall, plywood, and sheet goods on your back. Automatically adjust the clamps to tightly fix the materials when lifting them (note that the two clamping plates are parallel). This handy tool reduces the burden on your back and allows you to carry heavy objects with one hand. Turn the work of two people into the work of one person.

This drywall hand clamps tool is an innovative practical tool. Widely used in lifting and carrying all kinds of plywood, panels, sheets, etc. You can use the gripper to grip and carry tabletops, door, MDO or MDF panels, plywood sheetrock panel, OSB, melamine, drywall, and other sheet goods. It is a good helper for your work.


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