Hand Tap Set 2 Pcs

Hand Tap Set 2 Pcs


  • Material: High-Speed Steel
  • Tap Style: Spiral Groove
  • Quantity: 2 pcs
  • Size: M14, M16
  • Diameter: 10.5 mm, 17.5 mm
  • Total Length: 86.5 mm, 94 mm
  • Working Length: 41 mm, 45 mm
  • Pitch: 2 mm


Hand taps are the most versatile taps for hand use, or for tapping under power. Hand taps are popular for use in general machine tapping or CNC tapping. They are also appropriate for tapping the vast majority of materials through or blind holed conditions. Taper style: Starts the thread square with the workpiece. Plug style: Generally used in thru holes. Bottom style: Generate the thread to the bottom of the hole.

  • These taps are made from high quality bearing steel for high hardness.
  • They are used to cut new threads or repair damaged threads, you will have a smooth tapping experience with them.
  • These taps are used with a tap wrench to do the tapping, the wrench is not included.
  • Great tools used to create screw threads on wood, plastic, aluminium or many other soft materials.
  • Straight fluted screw taps, excellent chip removal.


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