Diamond Polishing Pads 10 Pcs

Diamond Polishing Pads 10 Pcs


  • Model: Polished Disc
  • Particle Size: 50-3000 mesh
  • Outer Diameter: 80 mm
  • Inner Diameter: 10 mm
  • Thickness: 5 mm
  • Material: Emery
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The granite diamond polishing pads are made of high-quality diamond and resin. Fast grinding force, good flexibility, wear-resistance, high polishing efficiency and long service life. Wool felt buffing pads are made of 100% natural compressed wool, favoured for superior buffing properties, versatility & durability, polish surfaces to their glossiest without causing damage.

The flexible diamond polishing disks are designed for wet and dry polishing, less dust, improve gloss finish in a short time. 50 – 200 grit suit for wet or dry polish; 400 – 6000 grit must be used with water to ensure the best polishing results.

Hook and loop backing, easy installation and removal, convenient for you to change out. Save time, improve work efficiency. M14 thread backing pad with 8mm adapter can easily connect to your variable speed polisher, grinder, household power drill or other rotary tools. Check your machine thread and speed before use.

The diamond polish pad wet dry grinding kit is perfect for kind of surface or edge of quartz, granite, marble, terrazzo floor, glazed tiles, vitrified tiles, natural stone, glass and concrete countertop, etc.


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