Aluminum Garden Hand Tools With Non-Slip Rubber Grip

Aluminum Garden Hand Tools With Non-Slip Rubber Grip


  • Polished aluminium alloy heads resist rust and cut through tough turf
  • Product size is large, which can improve efficiency and comfort level
  • One-piece design won’t loosen, break or bend at the neck while digging
  • Ergonomically designed handle reduces hand and wrist fatigue while weeding
  • Features a hang hole for convenient storage hang hole


Cultivator: Different from the hand rake, the cultivator is more like a hand fork, so it can go through the earth deeper than the hand rake. Ideal for levelling and loosening the soil, digging holes, cleaning a particular area etc.

Hand trowel: Large head displaces more soil to speed work, but the shovel tip is smooth without sharp burr or corner, don’t worry about getting hurt. Ideal for excavation work, such as planting, transplanting, tilling the soil, etc.

Weeder: V-shaped tip designed to get the weeds and remove the roots. Useful wedding design, using the lever principle to dig and pull weeds more easily. It’s able to handle all the heavy weeds and even small bushes.

Transplant trowel: With two standard units of scale(Inches and centimetres), easy to read and won’t be worn, ideal for removing dirt and measuring when you want to get right depth with the plant, or transplanting small plants and flowers.

Hand rake: The claw body’s thickness is 7 mm with more sturdy structure, so it is hard to break, ideal for decomposing soil for ventilation, cleaning up waste, removing weeds or mixing soil with fertilizer.

Durable & strong: Made of premium quality rust-resistant aluminium, which is shiny, rust-proof, long-lasting, do not snap easily and extremely sturdy. This heavy-duty garden tool kit is crafted for durability, can withstand the toughest roots, rocks, and soil.

Comfortable non-slip grip handles ergonomic and soft-grip handle, which made of high-quality TPR material that reduces the pressure on the wrist and hand. Reduce hand pain and fatigue while digging, weeding, planting and cutting. Also, there are suitable for large or small-sized hands. More labour-saving and more comfortable in long-term grip and use. Moreover, a hole at the top of each handle for easy storage.

Great gardening gift: Suitable for beginners or people that are just looking for the basics. It is a thoughtful present for gardening lovers. Ideal gift for loved ones, family, friends, and respected colleagues. With essential garden tools, it will give them a beautiful gardening experience.


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