Disposable Colour Three-Layer Protective Mask

Disposable Color Three-Layer Protective Mask

Multi-layer filter system, outer layer, water-resistant non-woven fabric, middle layer, melted high-density fabric, and inner layer, soft, water-absorbing non-woven fabric. These masks will provide effective and safe coverage for youth in public settings.

These masks have three layers of protection with high efficiency filtration and offer good respiratory protection for children against aerosol droplets, smoke particles, mist, air pollution, airborne dust, pollen and others.

Each mask is packaged separately in a safe and sanitary bag. They are easy to transport and easy to store. Suitable for public spaces, workplaces, schools, offices, home cleaning jobs, businesses such as restaurants, nail and nail salons, pet stores and other indoor and outdoor activities.

Non-medical, non-surgical, general-purpose disposable face masks for daily protection. Wash your hands before putting on a mask. The masks are for single use only. Store in a clean and dry environment. Dispose of used masks properly and do not reuse.

Soft elastic hooks take pressure off the ear, super soft non-pigmented cotton lining is soft on the skin, easy to put on and take off, does not cause discomfort or irritation even if worn all day.

This protective safety mask with 3D design fits your face and nose all angles. As long as you adjust your nose bridge properly, it will resist dust and pollution, keep your glasses from fogging up.

Different from the general disposable masks, face masks are composed of five colours. At this special period, These cute colourful masks make you a standout in the crowd and make you feel good.