Diamond Drill Bit Set Hole 15 Pcs

Diamond Drill Bit Set Hole 15 Pcs

Small incision resistance, opening speed is quickly, easy removal of chips and other advantages. Also help to open accurately. Large chip holes to ensure that when the punching smooth, punching accurate.

Ickel-plated with a diamond dust coating offers superior performance and cutting strength. Extended service life. These diamond drill bits are high quality and good performance that excellent for making a clean and accurate hole.

This diamond coated core drill bit removes a complete circle from glass, marble, tiles, granite, ceramic or other. Reduced drill speeds, low drill pressure and increased use of water lubrication will extend drill bit life considerably.

Does not rust, cuts quickly. Made of high-strength carbon steel with nickel-plated smooth surface, glass drill bit with less than minimum resistance force, makes it easy to drill precise holes in seconds.

Extremely versatile: 15 different sizes diamond drill bits set to satisfy all you demand. Multipurpose: perfect for drill wood, glass, tile bottles, blocks jars, fibreglass porcelain tile ceramic, slate marble, granite light stone.

Diamond core bits are also known as diamond core bits, diamond hole saws, or bonded diamond bits. They are often called a glass drill or tile drill, but they are much more versatile as they are used to drill glass, ceramic, porcelain, ceramic tile, porcelain, limestone, slate, marble, granite, light stone, and fiberglass. glass.

  • This diamond-coated core drill bit eliminates a complete circle of glass, tiles, marble, granite, ceramic or other.
  • Materials and only needs water for lubrication.
  • Always use lubrication (water), otherwise, the diamond drill will burn.
  • Can be used with a standard electric drill.
  • Start your hole diagonally, make a round trace and keep the drill straight.

Diamond Drill Bit Set Hole 15 Pcs