Automobile Polishing Machine

Automobile Polishing Machine

Compared with normal polisher, it comes with random-orbit, perfect for polishing and removing swirls, scratches, and defects from all painted vehicles, make your car look brand new everyday. It also can be used for polishing car, home furniture, boat and sanding wood or metal.

The car buffer polisher with soft start has a powerful motor that can ensure strong power, long-term durability and smooth operation for the most demanding applications.4

Coated shockproof side-handle makes low vibration and allows 2 position mounted that meet different angles hand-held style, provides maximum comfort and firm grip even when working for long hours.

With switch lock design, you can maintain a speed by locking the button, greatly reducing fatigue. When the shaft is locked, you can quickly replace other accessories without using other tools. Constant power and constant speed that allows the most stable operation.

Comes with random orbit, swirl-free polishing and sanding action, it can reduce the damage of machine tracks, burn marks, holograms, which is different from normal or rotary polishers. Ergonomic Design: With low vibration and low noise, the random orbital polisher can help you do the job easier and more convenient, offering great convenience. The polishing head is made of aluminum, which protects against corrosion and gives this tool greater durability, the rear rubber handle is ergonomic to further enhance comfort.

This is a practical and effective multi-functional professional pneumatic sander. It is made of new material, high-temperature resistance and lightweight. Compact structure, low noise, powerful and practical function, easy operation.

Machine speed can be controlled, 1 – 6 speed is adjustable. 1 – 2 gears for jade and porcelain, 3 – 4 gears for leather and floor gears, 5 – 6 gears for automobiles and furniture. Portable and non-slip fist, make all the progress no blind angle.

Six-hole wire drawing chassis can quickly replace sandpaper, flat sponge, etc. The high-quality dust exhaust pipe is made of plastic material, which is strong and not easy to be damaged and can handle various working environments. Electronic module maintains specified speed under load delivering better finish results.