Single Handle 90 Degree Aluminum Alloy Corner Clamp

Single Handle 90 Degree Aluminum Alloy Corner Clamp


  • Colour: Silver Gray
  • Degree of Angle: 90°
  • Material: Aluminum Alloy Die-Casting.
  • Single Handle: Adjustable Handle Jaw Rotation
  • Style: Welding Corner Clamp
  • Pliers Surface: Coating
  • Max Jaw Open: Approx. 75 mm
  • Jaw Width: 95mm
  • Jaw Depth: 35mm
  • Size: 375 x 214 mm
  • Weight: 700 g


Durable right angle clamp, made of premium aluminium alloy die-casting material. Allows two woodblocks of different thicknesses to be joined at a 90-degree angle.

Rubberized single handle with an adjustable rotary jaw to align and hold workpieces precisely. Solid and anti-skid, helps to set up instantly and secure quickly.

Maximum clamping range is approx. 75 mm; jaw width: 95 mm; jaw depth: 35 mm, can clamp materials like a steel rod, metal tube, wood, thick glass, etc.

Swing jaw design, single handle jaw two-way rotation can be adjusted. Precision right angle clamping tool, a must-have for woodworkers, handymen and DIY”ers alike.

Can be used as a clamping device for 90° corner joints. Perfect for aligning, nailing, woodworking, welding, screwing, making cabinets, box and picture frames.


  • Single handle, swing jaw, jaw rotation adjustable.
  • Useful for woodworking, engineering and welding. Slots in base plate so you can fix the vice to a workbench or machine table.
  • Right angle corner vice, cast alloy body, steel thread. Clever double pivot design allows clamping of equal or different sized workpieces at a right angle. With the thread wound all the way back, the maximum opening of the jaw is 70 mm.

Package includes 1 x corner tool.


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