Level Ruler Whit Digital Display

Level Ruler Whit Digital Display

This digital level measure all angles in either 360┬░ range or four 90┬░quadrants. It can display both degrees and slope with 4 magnets. The display is always in an upright position which best especially when working overhead. Not only this instrument can measure the horizontal and vertical surface, it also can measure the angles of all slopes rising & fall.

Protected by soft TPR rubber at the ends, preventing the level of bumps effectively. Orange powder coated body with high visibility details easy to find on the jobsite.

Great for decoration, home furnishings and related work to align, such as measuring locations on a wall, spacing between hooks, leveling nails. Imperial and metric ruler provides more operating possibilities.

Pocket size design for easy portability. Strong holding magnetic edge that can be attached to any iron. Two solid block horizontal and vertical vials with high precision of 0.029 degrees. Top opening for easy observation. Strong aluminum alloy frame ensures precision and durability.

Inverted backlit display improves readability in low light conditions. Measure your subject in meters or inches feet depending on your preferences. Just press the button to change the measurement reference from the back to the front. Automatic shutdown without operation for 120 seconds also ensures easy and quick measurement to improve efficiency.

Level Ruler Whit Digital Display


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